Connections Update:


Update to mosaic formulas on Civilization, Classic Grooves, Stone Fictions and Stones at Large- 02-05-24
Update to Beljn 2x6 packaging- 01-15-24
Addition of Beljn - launch late January- 12-01-23

updated for 5.6 Quick Ship for a bad formula - 01-23-24

03/08/2023 Pricing Update for:


+Plus, please check regularly for any other pricing updates


Crossville Connections is a tool created to give our Distributors the ability to view Crossville Inventory, Order Status, Inventory Specials, Order Documents and various other features. The following are highlights of what is available on our site.

Inventory Availability
This section contains information about Crossville's current inventory. Available inventory is determined by combining adjacent caliber sizes, like shades and production dates. If the amount displayed in the "Available" window is not sufficient to cover your order please contact Customer Service and they will review the inventory further. All inventory information on this site is Real Time with our main computer system, but there always remains the possibility that someone in our Customer Service Department is entering an order at the same time it is being viewed by this program. Please wait for confirmation from Customer Service that your order has been allocated before committing to your customer that the inventory is available.

Order Status
The Order Status section allows users to request an Order Status Report Via Email in Excel format. The Order Inquiry section contains specific information about old and new orders that you have placed with Crossville. Detailed order information such as weight, ship dates and tracking information are available here.

National Accounts
This section contains information regarding Crossville's Current National Account Programs that are available.

Inventory Specials
Check this section for great deals on our discontinued and over run items.

Order Documents
Crossville stores all order related documents in an imaging system. This allows any user to access these documents using our website. Documents such as your faxed PO, Invoice, Packing List, Order Confirmation etc.. are available here.

Price Lists
All current Crossville Price Lists can be downloaded or viewed here.

Technical Documents
Check this section for bulletins, and how to brochures for all of our products.

This section contains forms such as Crossville Warranty, Short Form Specification, Cover-it-with-Crossville etc...

The Admin section is where you can add or remove users, change user passwords & set user privileges. This section is accessible by your System Administrator or Local Branch Manager.

Your feedback is important to us. Please send any questions or comments about our Connections website to the Crossville IT department at